Positive Peer Recognition

Positive Peer Recognition© is a means of identifying top employees invented by Conall Horgan, the founder of Talent Prospecting. Unlike traditional talent management tools, it focuses on the positive recommendations of a peer group to ensure great employees are not overlooked in organisations.


Typical Process When Conducting a Whole Company Positive Peer Recognition Review:


It is important to remember that appreciation and recognition are key deciding factors in whether employees stay or leave your company (far outweighing pay as only 12% of employees leave for more money). 


Therefore, it is paramount that you recognise your top talents as soon as possible. Finding extraordinary people is as difficult as it is expensive in the current job market.

Luckily, with Talent Prospecting, retaining the talents you have has never been easier. 


  • Initial 15-30 minute consultation is conducted. During this we analyse whether our Positive Peer Recognition Review is the right fit for your company and explain our groundbreaking methodology in full.


  • A 30-60 minute planning meeting is held where the dates and times are decided upon and the structure of teams is examined. 


  • Positive Peer Recognition Review is conducted with either everyone in the organisation (or the selected teams). Maximum duration: 30 minutes.


  • Talent Prospecting analyses and visualises the data in full.


  • A 60 minute follow-up meeting is held where the results are analysed. 


End result: 

You have a more comprehensive understanding of your employees, ensuring that no incredible hidden gems go undiscovered. 

You will have a crystal clear image of exactly who is driving your company in the right direction, who are the potential leaders, and who to build around long-term.

You have a robust succession plan : having identified the critical positions within your organization and the best individuals to assume those positions.