Hidden Gems

in your company

Identify, Reward and Retain your Top Talent

At Talent Prospecting, we understand that every company possesses a wealth of untapped potential waiting to be discovered. Our mission is to help you unearth those hidden gems within your organization and unlock their full potential.

Our unique approach is based on positive peer recognition which helps to overcome structural discrimination which can hamper the development of your top talents.

Simply put, your best employees will be encouraged to shine; without ever having to engage in self-promotion. This fosters a merit-based company culture where people are rewarded for their hard work, interpersonal skills and willingness to help their colleagues.


If you can identify key performers early, you can ensure you retain the people who drive your business forward. What’s more, when you identify a top talent in their first two years in your organisation, they are more likely to stay long term.


Reward the right people, not just the loudest voices and those who are most adept at 'selling themselves'.


Improve engagement: create a more inclusive workplace environment by prioritising merit-based recognition.

Succession Planning

Identify culture role models and build around them to ensure your company is set up to thrive long term.

Overcome Structural Discrimination in your Business

Men are more likely to engage in self-promotion at work and rate their performance 33% higher than equally performing women.

Talent Prospecting's Positive Peer Recognition methodology overcomes this gender bias in companies. It gives everyone an equal chance of being recognised, whether introverted or extroverted, and regardless of gender or race.

Let's have a chat

A short phone or video call where we explain how our Positive Peer Recognition Review can be implemented efficiently and effectively in your business

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Making sure everyone is given an equal opportunity to excel is so important to our company and it was one of the key reasons we decided to work with Conall at Talent Prospecting.

From the initial consultation meeting to the final review Conall was insightful, enthusiastic, and a joy to work with.

His unique approach, focusing only on positive feedback, really engaged and uplifted our staff in the way a traditional 360° review never could.

We gained valuable, first hand insights into our people and will definitely be working with Conall again in the years to come.

Triona Mac Giolla Rí

Director & Co-Founder at Aró Digital Strategy